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EDWARD HOPPER PAINTS HIS WORLD was named one of the Best Books of 2014 by Kirkus Reviews.

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EDWARD HOPPER PAINTS HIS WORLD, by Robert Burleigh, Illus. by Wendell Minor

Published August 2014

"Two masters of illustrated, brief biographies for young people reunite (If You Spent a Day with Thoreau at Walden Pond, 2012) for this accessible introduction to an iconic 20th-century American realist.

Their careful, almost developmental approach quickly transcends the provision of objective biographical facts (though they are all there in abundance) by first presenting Hopper’s childhood pencil case—inscribed “Edward Hopper Would be Artist”: five words that summarize a life story. It is evident that Burleigh and Minor are determined that readers both understand and see “the artist’s process of discovery.” Their decision to avoid reproductions of Hopper’s work throughout reflects the essential understanding that Hopper’s own paintings were never exact representations of a specific place at a specific time. Minor helps readers acquire both the sense and the sensibility of a Hopper work via his own charcoal-and-pencil studies of the paintings under consideration in Burleigh’s thoughtful text. In this wonderfully illuminating way, they both help readers comprehend Hopper from the inside out: from the actual motifs, to the edited and combined studies, to the familiar, finished and admired paintings on the museum walls. Backmatter is particularly well-organized and inclusive.

Well-researched and carefully paced, this is an enduring and inspiring book that will help kids to understand the why and the how of an artist at work."

-Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)


"Burleigh and Minor (Abraham Lincoln Comes Home) pair up for another terrific profile of a famous American, this time artist Edward Hopper. Minor’s gouache watercolors (stunning works of art in their own right) echo Hopper’s evocative realism and clean lines. Full-color spreads and sketched b&w vignettes portray the artist from his youth to his old age, observing and painting his surroundings. From the boyhood room in which Hopper paints a lone sailboat on the Hudson River to the country gas station he captures at dusk in his famous painting, Gas, the illustrations convey the solitary tone of Hopper’s work. In many scenes, readers peer over Hopper’s shoulder as he works, seeing what he sees. The accessible narrative then invites the audience to think more critically about the context in which Hopper created. “Many houses in his paintings seem moody, quiet, and alone. Were Edward’s houses a bit like Edward himself?” A few of Hopper’s quotations about art are included in an afterword, along with reproductions of several well-known paintings. Sources, a bibliography, and an artist’s note wrap up this remarkable picture-book biography."

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)


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