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Susan Cooper is the recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement. Her classic five-book fantasy sequence The Dark Is Rising won the Newbery Medal and a Newbery Honor and has sold millions of copies worldwide. She is also the author of Victory, a Booklist Top Ten Historical Fiction for Youth book and a Washington Post Top Ten for Children novel; King of Shadows, a Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Honor book; The Boggart; Seaward; and many other acclaimed novels for young readers and listeners.



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"This sensitive portrayal of an unusual friendship poignantly reveals how greed and intolerance led to Native American displacement in colonial Massachusetts" 

-Kirkus Reviews (Ghost Hawk)




"...Much of veteran fantasist Cooper’s story is understated, devoted to what is essentially philosophical discussion and a vivid depiction of the Massachusetts wilderness. Although the tale unfolds almost entirely in English, Cooper impressively conveys the barriers, both cultural and linguistic, that divided natives and settlers, sometimes with horrifying results."

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) (Ghost Hawk)



"Cooper deftly weaves ancient Scottish lore into an imaginative contemporary tale with an ecological twist, while the Boggart remains as comical, fey, unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining as ever."

-Kirkus Reviews (The Boggart Fights Back)



"...its heritage and
folklore provide story elements that are interwoven with modern-day reality in an unusually seamless
fashion. A welcome addition to the Boggart series."

-Booklist (The Boggart Fights Back)



". . . an alluringly haunting alternative to more familiar seasonal fare—one that is sure to serve as "lights of hope" on a dark season’s stage.”  
-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“. . . sparse, evocative language . . . personifies how humans celebrate the changing of the seasons.”    
-Kirkus Reviews 
(Starred Review)

"Captain Rottingbones and his fellow swashbucklers don’t go after the usual kinds of plunder: . . . they steal words from unsuspecting storytellers around the world and gobble them up. . . .”  
-Publishers Weekly (The Word Pirates)

A right jolly paean to the deliciousness of words.”    
-Kirkus Reviews 
(The Word Pirates)

"The Shortest Day is a joyful and timeless celebration of the winter solstice that will surely become a classic.”  
-BookPage (Starred Review)

A treat to share aloud, this book makes a unique choice for seasonal sharing, opens discussion about rebirth rituals and holidays that incorporate light, and celebrates hope even in darkest times.”    
-School Library Journal 
(Starred Review)

"Two prominent creators of children’s literature have combined their powers to deliver a memorably funny tale about the value of stories. For its potential to create future readers, this book is invaluable.”  
-School Library Journal (The Word Pirates)