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Steven Kellogg is an author and illustrator of picture books — many, many picture books! He's published about 110 books in the 45 years he's been writing and illustrating, many of which he's written himself. He's also illustrated a great many titles by other authors.


He has always loved to draw and the way that pictures can deepen and expand the text of a story — creating what he calls a "beautiful duet." Kellogg started building this connection as a child, "telling stories on paper" to his two younger sisters, making up fanciful stories, and creating quick illustrations one after another to accompany the tales.


To bring more stories to more children, Kellogg has traveled all over the country to thousands of schools in all 50 states during the last 40 years. He also serves as the vice-president of the National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance, a national not-for-profit organization that advocates for literacy, literature, and libraries. He says, "I want the time that the reader shares with me and my work to be an enjoyable experience — one that will encourage an enthusiastic lifetime association with pictures, words, and books."


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"This is a graceful homage to the inevitable seasons of life and remembrances of loved ones and times past. Whether or not they are familiar with loss and grief, children will feel the healing power of this hopeful, uplifting book.”  
-Booklist (Starred Review) (Snowflakes Fall)

 “Adults can share this book to address tragic events, discuss grief and the recovery process, and remind children of the precious beauty of life.”    
-School Library Journal (Starred Review) 
(Snowflakes Fall)


“Falling snowflakes highlight the beauties and joys of winter in the celebration of the uniqueness of not only every snowflake, but every child. MacLachlan and Kellogg celebrate the small things, but the small things turn out to be the big things after all: the children, ‘No two the same— / All beautiful.”
-Kirkus Reviews 
(Snowflakes Fall)


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"...Kellogg’s signature art overflows with the color, movement, and expression of a vintage carnival poster.”  
-Publishers Weekly

A right jolly paean to the deliciousness of words.”    
-Kirkus Reviews

"Two prominent creators of children’s literature have combined their powers to deliver a memorably funny tale about the value of stories. For its potential to create future readers, this book is invaluable.”  
-School Library Journal