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Rob Sanders does not work as . . .

            . . . a telephone sales rep

            . . . a loading dock worker

            . . . a trophy engraver

            . . . a photo stylist


But he used to.


Rob Sanders is not . . .

            . . . a cowboy

            . . . a ballerina

            . . . an alien

            . . . a rockabilly star


But he writes about them.


Rob Sanders is . . .

            . . . a picture book author

            . . . a writing coach

            . . . a great uncle

            . . . a dog owner


And it he loves it all.


Rob Sanders—an author whose books will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart.



Rob Sanders is a writer who teaches, and a teacher who writes. Teaching creative writing to children inspired Rob to pursue his own writing dreams. Rob continues to follow his dreams, and enjoys helping writers of all ages grow as writers and follow their dreams, too.


Rob is a native of Springfield, Missouri. He holds degrees in Elementary Education, Music Education, and a Masters of Religious Education. Rob worked for fifteen years in children’s religious educational publishing as a writer, educational consultant, editor, editorial manager, and product designer. While at the company, he authored more than a dozen books and hundreds of educational units and magazine articles.


In 2006, Rob moved to Florida to pursue a career in teaching. He has worked as a elementary classroom teacher, a district writing resource teacher, a trainer, and currently as a writing coach. He works daily with the teachers and 800+ student writers at Mintz Elementary School in Brandon, Florida.


Rob’s first picture book, COWBOY CHRISTMAS, was released by Golden Books/Random House in 2012. OUTER SPACE BEDTIME RACE is scheduled to be released by Random House Children’s Books in 2015 and RUBY ROSE ON HER TOES will be released by HarperCollins in 2016. An additional book based on the Ruby Rose character, is also in the works.


Rob is represented by Rubin Pfeffer of Rubin Pfeffer Content. LLC


Blog: “Picture This!”

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"The trip through outer space is fancifully depicted by Won with stellar graphic art. The illustrations capture details of each planet including rings, moons, and even volcanoes." 

-School Library Journal 

(Outer Space Bedtime Race)

"A melding of fact and fiction strives to present a bedtime lesson on the solar system."

-Kirkus Review 

(Outer Space Bedtime Race)



"Sanders’s faux horror and Santat’s exuberant, richly colored spreads pour on the mayhem. Don’t read this aloud anywhere kids are expected to stay quiet."

-Publishers Weekly (Rodzilla)


"Young listeners will enjoy the story’s over-the-top humor, while slightly older kids will have fun matching the Megalopolis sites with Rod’s toys."

-Booklist (Rodzilla)


"An engaging and humorous picture book for young children and their parents to share together."

-School Library Journal (Rodzilla)

"A hope-filled ode to the rainbow flag, the LGBTQ rights movement's most prominent symbol."

-Kirkus Review (Pride)

". . . offers little ones an age-appropriate introduction to Milk through one of his overlooked contributions to the gay rights movement: the rainbow flag."

-Shelf Awareness (Pride)

"With its emphasis on pride and hope, this title will make a strong addition to classroom and school library collections to support discussions of character and equality."

-School Library Journal (Pride)

"In a poignant and uplifting biography of Milk, Sanders introduces the political activist through his crusade for human rights. . . ."

-Publishers Weekly (Pride)

"An alphabet book to bring change, with the younger generation leading the way."

-Kirkus Review  (Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights)

"Writing in stirring, crisp imperatives, Sanders creates a to-do list for change: 'Inquire. Invite. Inform. Imagine. Join others on the journey. Join others in the fight.'"

-Publishers Weekly (Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights)

"The text in this book reads like a poem, but the words are action words: Demonstrate; Educate; Pray; March; Resist."

-School Library Connection (Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights)

"A watershed picture book for a watershed moment. . . ."

-Kirkus Review (Stonewall)

"Sanders does a superb job of creating an age-appropriate, truth-telling, and generally comprehensive text, which successfully brings history up to the present day."

-Booklist (Starred Review) (Stonewall)

"A soaring suggested first purchase for all libraries."

-School Library Journal (Starred Review) (Ball & Balloon)

"Reminiscent of Amy Krouse Rosenthal's brand of silly and sentimental storytelling, this picture book is a ball."

-Horn Book (Ball & Balloon)

"A worthy candidate for your shelf."

-Kirkus Reviews

"An important picture book biography to add to school and public ­library collections."

-School Library Journal