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Starred Review: Tripping Black Blue

There’s nothing pretty about drug addiction, but a new drug called indigo, named for the powder’s lovely hue, would suggest otherwise. Indigo allows users to experience their happiest memory, complete with physical mementos, such as a kitten’s soft fur or a teacup. Phineas “Finn” Walt, a drug dealer with a penchant for bird-watching, and his twin sister, Faith, live in a trailer with their abusive father and alcoholic mother. Determined to fund Faith’s college dreams, Finn sees dollar signs when he discovers indigo, but the fallout may be deadly, and his own drug use is escalating. When a powerful drug czar sets his sights on indigo, Finn is desperate to protect his source, as well as a girl named Stacey, who has connections to the drug. Storti’s debut, written in Finn’s voice, is a coming-of-age story wrapped in a cautionary tale. Finn treats girls like playthings and manipulates his friends into drug-dealing, yet his desire to rise above his circumstances makes for an undeniably entertaining story with a hopeful conclusion. Ages 14–up.

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