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Jeff Mack is the creator of picture books including Ah Ha, Good News, Bad News (both available now from Chronicle), The Things I Can Do (Roaring Brook Press), Mr. Bear Vrs. Doctor Skunk (HarperCollins; fall 2014) and Hush Little Polar Bear (Roaring Brook Press). Jeff is also prolific in writing and illustrating early graphic novel readers including The Hippo and Rabbit series (Scholastic), Philomel’s Clueless McGee series, as well as Frog and Fly: Six Slurpy Stories (Philomel), the format of which has been cited by SLJ’s Susan Marston as “trending.” With comic book elements, speech bubbles, and comic panels, Frog and Fly is “… perfect for beginning readers (with a) … spot-on brand of joke book—style humor.” (PW)


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"The deadpan text is a foil for the rowdy artwork, cheery scenes littered with clues for alert viewers."

-Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"[A] delightful romp . . . a rollicking adventure."

-School Library Journal (Monkey Takes a Hike)

"Mack's mastery of repetition expertly recycles sentences (and a vocabulary of around 70 words), adding new meaning through illustration and context."

-Kirkus Reviews (Monkey Takes a Hike)

"A super-silly riff on a perennial question: What do grown-ups do while kids sleep?"

-Kirkus Reviews (Duck on a Disco Ball)

"Mack’s episodic story presentation and expressive physical comedy offer natural appeal for early readers."

-Publishers Weekly (Mr. Monkey Visits a School)

"Monkey + banana = recipe for delicious cake…or delicious comedy? Encore, encore for kid lit's ap-peel-ing new primate."

-Kirkus Reveiws (Starred Review) (Mr. Monkey Bakes a Cake)

"Mack kicks off an easy-reader series with a sweet and deilicious romp."

-Booklist (Mr. Monkey Bakes a Cake)

"A behavioral window for some, a mirror for many, and a delightful book for all."

-Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) (Mine!)

"This bedtime story reassures and entertains. A guaranteed hit for vehicle lovers."

-School Library Journal (If My Love Were a Fire Truck)

"A powerful message about the support of friends and defusing a bully wrapped in a sweet Valentine tale."

-Kirkus Reviews (How Do You Say I Love You, Dewey Dew?)



"This is a fun read-aloud that will have children wanting to look and look again."

-School Library Journal (Look!)

"The slapstick action unfolds on linen-textured backgrounds, battered vintage book covers, and the actual pages of a book—hat-tips to the physicality of books that hint at a happy ending for bibliophiles of all ages."

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) (Look!)


"Look, indeed! An energetic invitation to the joys of books."

-Kirkus Reviews (Look!)

"Mack has another winner with this cross between a picture book and beginning reader. Kids will love hapless Mr. Monkey and root for his success all the while enjoying his amusing near failures."

-School Library Journal (Mr. Monkey Bakes a Cake)

"Conceptually rich and a whole lot of fun."

-School Library Journal (Mine!)

"A fun read-aloud."

-Booklist (Mine!)