Who Gives a Poop
Something Rotten

Heather Montgomery

Heather L. Montgomery writes for kids who are wild about animals. The weirder, the wackier, the better. An award-winning science educator, Heather uses yuck appeal to engage young minds. During presentations, petrified animal parts and tree guts inspire reluctant readers and motivate reticent writers.  


Heather has a BS in biology and an MS in environmental education, she lives on the border of Alabama and Tennesse, and she has published over a dozen nonfiction books.  


Roadkill changed her life. 

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"Feces have lots of great stories to tell, and . . . Montgomery is an ideal spokesperson to forward news from the fetid field."

–Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books (Starred Review)

"A well-stirred slurry of facts and fun for strong-stomached 'poop sleuths.'"

–Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"Sure to be a hit among students. A top addition to STEM collections."

–School Library Journal (Starred Review) (Something Rotten)

"Budding naturalists or eco-activists will find it a smashing read."

–Booklist (Something Rotten)

"This narrative stomp through animal poop is equal parts informative and grotesquely fascinating."

–School Library Journal (Starred Review)