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Ellen Stoll Walsh

Ellen Stoll Walsh is a widely decorated author and illustrator who has produced a number of classic children’s books. She inherited her love of storytelling from her mother, who would often read to her, and discovered her passion for writing children’s literature while reading to her son. Ellen’s style is developed from brightly-colored paper collages, and her work is widely praised for its brevity, wit, and power to bring simple concepts to life.


A widely decorated author, some of Ellen’s most prominent books include Mouse Paint, published in 1989, and Dot and Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery, published in 2004. Mouse Paint was the recipient of the Redbook Children’s Picture Book Award, The IRA-CBC’s Children’s Choice Award, and was named Publishers Weekly’s book of the year. Dot and Jabber received the 2004 National Outdoor Children’s Book Award, and both books have formed the basis of two highly successful series.


Ellen's book, Balancing Act, published in 2011, was listed as one of the “best books of 2011” by the Junior Library Guild. Her most recent work, Where is Jumper? was published in October of 2015.

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"Walsh has a knack for creating illustrations and text that seem ever so simple yet have plenty of acumen, emotion, and pure fun. More mice, please."

-Kirkus Reviews