2010 - present

2010 - present


Far From Fair

Publication Date: March 2016

"No one asked 12-year-old Odette if she wanted to sell her stuff and move into an old RV. Yet here she is, along with her parents, little brother, a ferret, and her new dog—a tiny wiry-haired thing, not the Lab she wanted—traveling to Grandma Sissy’s on Washington’s Orca Islands. Nothing about this is fair. In such tight quarters, tensions run high, and Odette fumes over the injustice of having her life turned upside down. This falls away, however, when they arrive at Sissy’s and Odette can barely recognize the frail, sickly woman before her as her grandmother. Arnold explores the Death with Dignity Act as well as the strain of having an autistic sibling and parents whose marriage is on the rocks. These complex issues surround Odette as she struggles with personal losses—friends, home, cell phone—that feel trivial in comparison but are vital to middle-schoolers. Arnold (The Question of Miracles, 2015) deals with the many bumps in the road honestly, yet maintains an onward-and-upward outlook on life."

-Julia Smith


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