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2010 - present


EAST, published in 2003, was awarded the 2006 International Reading Association Young Reader’s Choice Award and was chosen as one of the “100 Best of the Best Young Adult Books for the 21st Century” by the Young Adult Library Association in 2005.

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GHOSTING, by Edith Pattou

August 2014

"Drama, suspense, horrifying yet breathtaking at the same time. That’s what you can expect from Edith Pattou’s novel GHOSTING. This is one book that hits you like a ton of bricks but will still give you a sense of hope.

GHOSTING tells the story of nine people and how the actions of one night can drastically change everyone’s life. The novel begins with Maxie, a girl who is about to start her senior year of high school. She has just moved back to the town she spent her childhood in and at her mother’s insistence, she ends up having plans for the Saturday night before school starts with her old best friend Emma.

Emma and her boyfriend Brendan have plans to go to a party Saturday night but with Maxie now tagging along, Emma decides to invite her friend Chloe, who is dating another one of their classmates, Anil, and Felix, the guy who used to be best friends with Emma and Maxie before Maxie moved and the three friends drifted apart.

They attend the party and all get bored quickly so they decide to leave and that’s when something crazy happens. The idea of going ghosting comes up and once this choice is made, a chain reaction of events takes place that ends in tragedy and shakes the core of the kids’ town and each other.

What makes GHOSTING such a riveting book is the fact that it’s written in free verse poetry style, with each chapter being narrated by each of the characters involved in that Saturday night. You will easily fly through the chapters, especially the first half of the book where all the action goes down. Pattou did an amazing job of pacing the story and keeping the intensity up throughout the whole book. Even though each chapter is told in short sections, you really get a sense of the characters, find out about their home lives and their backstories which overall adds to the story and their journey toward healing.

GHOSTING is a book that completely captivates you and keeps you fully invested until you read the last word. You can easily read this in one day (we might have done that) and it will really make you think about the consequences a person’s actions can actually have."

-Miss Literati


"Eight teens’ fates intertwine and recombine in the aftermath of a prank gone very wrong.

The constellation of characters is best imagined as a nucleus of two—the beautiful, domineering and troubled athletic couple Brendan and Emma—surrounded by an outer ring of friends, then two farther-off characters. The outer ring comprises sad stoner Felix and camera-toting Maxie, back in Illinois after four years in Colorado, along with golden girl Chloe and her earnest boyfriend, Anil. It is then connected more loosely to Emma’s thoughtful younger sister, Faith, and Walter, whose isolation and tenuous grasp on reality plays a pivotal role. After an unsatisfying, awkward stop at an alcohol-soaked end-of-summer bash, Chloe suggests a visit to the local “ghost house,” a seemingly abandoned property on the edge of the local cemetery. Chloe and Emma creep up on the porch, knocking over rose bushes as they go. The girls’ act of trespassing combines with Brendan’s drunkenness and bravado to set off a chain reaction that leads to multiple shootings and other serious injuries, which in turn lead to varying degrees of recovery and, ultimately, reflection. A novel in verse with a large cast of rather two-dimensional characters facing the consequences of their actions is nothing new, but Pattou keeps the pacing brisk enough to make this a decent page-turner."

-Kirkus Reviews


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