"This excellent work of history illuminates Schomburg and his legendary collection for a new generation."

-School Library Journal (Starred Review) (Schomburg)

Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre
Beauty Mark
By the By: Charles Albert Tindley
The Roots of Rap
How Sweet the Sound
In Your Hands cover
Schomburg cover
Freedom in Congo Square
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"This moving account sheds light on shameful events long suppressed or ignored."

-School Library Journal (Starred Review)

"A somber, well-executed addition to the history as the incident approaches its 100th anniversary."

-Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"Ideal for classroom libraries and a deeper study of American history, this title is a must-have for those seeking the painful and complete truth."

-Booklist (Starred Review)

"Weatherford and Cooper skillfully present this history to young people."

-Horn Book (Starred Review)

"By focusing not just on the attack, but also on the positive achievements of the Black business owners, lawyers, and doctors of Greenwood, the book succeeds in teaching the tragedy of the Tulsa Race Massacre and the legacy of Black Wall Street."

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"This beautiful picture book biography packs an emotional punch that is as compelling as the timeless songs that Franklin made famous."

-School Library Journal (Starred Review) (Respect)

"Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe's rise from meager beginnings to stardom is chronicled in this elegiac historical fiction."

-Shelf Awareness (Starred Review) (Beauty Mark)

"The now-legendary story of Norma Jeane Mortenson’s transformation from a child craving parental love and stability into a typecast dumb blonde sex goddess spins out in fictionalized first-person verse."

-Bulletin of the Center for Childern's Books (Beauty Mark)

"A window into a uniquely magnificent and terrifying life."

-Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) (Beauty Mark)

"This verse novel tells one cohesive story of a life lived. A highly enjoyable title recommended for reluctant readers and students intrigued by fame and stardom."

-School Library Journal (Beauty Mark)

"This book, with its exquisite page design, meticulously incorporated research, and magnetic subject won't lack in the slightest for readers."

-Booklist (Beauty Mark)

". . . the book artfully expresses difficult truths while being mindful of a child audience."

-Booklist (Box)


"Weatherford’s moving, poetic verse gives the story a very personal tone as the reader becomes immersed in Brown’s harrowing tale of loss and sorrow and his determination to be free."

-Horn Book (Starred Review) (Box)

"An artful and introspective retelling of the life of a remarkable man and a painful era in U.S. history."

-School Library Journal (Starred Review) (Box)


"A powerful assortment of colors, textures, and artistic styles illustrate this true story of how Henry 'Box' Brown escaped enslavement in 1849 via a harrowing journey inside a sealed crate."

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) (Box)


"Heartbreaking and Legendary."

-Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) (Box)


"This beautiful volume will make an excellent addition to biography collections and broaden available resources for black history studies in elementary and middle school classrooms."

-School Library Journal (By the By)


"Weatherford's first-person . . . rhyming narrative includes italicized lines from Tindley's hymns. . . ."

-Horn Book (By the By)


"Weatherford tells Tindley’s story in rhyming verse that captures his drive for spiritual growth, service, and musical expression."

-Kirkus Reviews (By the By)


"This artful introduction to one of the most influential cultural movements of the 20th century pulses with the energy and rhythm of its subject."

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) (By the By)


"This picture book conveys that Tindley lived his life with purpose and left a lasting legacy of faith expressed through gospel music."

-Booklist (Starred Review) (By the By)


Carole Boston Weatherford

Carole Boston Weatherford is an accomplished poet, writer, artist, musician, and social critic whose bibliography spans over thirty books. Her work in children's literature has earned her widespread acclaim and numerous awards, including the Caldecott Medal in 2007 for Moses and The Golden Kite in 2006 for Dear Mr. Rosenwald. 


Carole's picture books have been described as poetic, intimate, and ultimately educational reads. Often focused on the growth of the civil rights movement and the state of African-American culture in the United States, her works provide genuine insights into our cultural memory through their powerful storytelling.


Recently, Carole published Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer, a biographical portrait of the civil right's hero. Of the book, Kirkus Reviews writes: "Young readers who open this book with just a vague notion of who Fannie Lou Hamer was will wonder no more after absorbing this striking portrait of the singer and activist. Bold, honest, informative, and unforgettable."


You Can Fly was named one of the best middle grade books of 2016 by Kirkus.


Her upcoming book, Freedom in Congo Square, is set to be published in January 2016.





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"An exceptional gift to black families, and with its important underlying messages of our times, this title should be added to most library collections. Best shared one-on-one with a loved one."

-School Library Journal (Starred Review) (In Your Hands)


"For all its beauty and lyricism, Weatherford’s book doesn’t equivocate. Because for children like Omari, the stakes are as high as their mothers’ love is deep. 'I add my prayers to the chorus,' she writes. 'Black lives matter. Your life matters.'"

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) (In Your Hands)


"This picture book will move many readers, including adults, with its lyrical yet powerful words and art."

-Booklist (Starred Review) (In Your Hands)


"While the book does not speak as much to young children as it does to their caregivers, the pictures of a young black boy growing to adolescence and adulthood and the power of the mother’s prayer...make it one that may well transcend early readings to become a book to return to as a child becomes a man."

-Horn Book (In Your Hands)


"One of the leading documentary photographers of the twentieth century comes to life in Weatherford's latest historical work."

-Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review (Dorothea Lange)


"A must-read for a deeper understanding of a well-connected genius who enriched the cultural road map for African-Americans and books about them."

-Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) (Schomburg)

"Lifelong bibliophile Arturo Schomburg would be pleased by Weatherford’s prose-poem biography, which praises his passion for researching and collecting books, manuscripts, and other written materials relating black heritage and history."

-Booklist (Starred Review) (Schomburg)

"Schomburg’s ambitions, scholarship, and accomplishments were tremendous...and Weatherford and Velasquez more than do justice to them."

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) (Schomburg)

"Picking up Schomburg's torch almost a century later, Weatherford and Velasquez are continuing to ensure that African history isn't lost."

-Shelf Awareness (Schomburg)

"The remarkable life and achievements of the Afro-Puerto Rican scholar, collector and curator Arturo Schomburg have ideal chroniclers in Weatherford (Freedom in Congo Square) and Velasquez (Grandma’s Gift)."

-The New York Times (Schomburg)


"Two African-American scholars have written a poetic biography of Arturo Schomburg, the immigrant who created a library in Harlem to prevent the disappearance of African voices from history."

-Shelf Awareness, Starred Review (Schomburg)


"Weatherford and Zunon vibrantly capture the setbacks and triumphs of African-American performer Lena Horne, tracing her rise from a Brooklyn childhood to a singer and actress who faced persistent racism."

-Publishers Weekly, Starred Review (The Legendary Miss Lena Horne)


"Inspirational.... A memorable life dedicated to music and civil rights, presented with commensurate style."

-Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review (The Legendary Miss Lena Horne)


"Exceptionally handsome book."

-Booklist, Starred Review (The Legendary Miss Lena Horne)



"The spare, four-line verses embody all the right ingredients, blending together creative wordplay, clever allusions, expressive storytelling, and shout-outs to other artists, all delivered in a rhythmic beat."

-Booklist (Starred Review) (By the By)


"Weatherford does her own amazing job of telling the story in rhymed couplets that make the events digestible for young readers. Her compact history is juxtaposed against Morrison’s majestic paintings, dramatic spreads that breathe life into both Newton’s story and the history that followed."

-Booklist (How Sweet the Sound)