Now that I'm Here
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"With plenty of deeply satisfying onomatopoeia...and tool jokes...the story should be deemed a job well done by preschool or kindergarten DIYers."

-Publishers Weekly (Tools Rule)


"Meshon’s animated style in this story could easily be turned into a short film cartoon.

Buy it along with a wooden tool set as a gift for an enterprising young carpenter."

-Kirkus Reviews (Tools Rule)


"The notion that 'love finds a way' has never been truer than in Meshon’s not-quite-wordless story."

-Publishers Weekly (Delivery)

"Meshon's digital illustrations are strange and beautiful, with distinctive shapes and an arresting use of color."

-Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review (Delivery)

"Ideal for sharing, especially with a distant loved one."

-Booklist (Delivery)

"Meshon’s rounded, marshmallowy shapes carry cheerful, goofy energy that amplifies the cozy chaos in this fresh perspective on how children expand their parents’ lives."

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)