2010 - present

2010 - present


April, 2016


"A French bulldog narrates a simple but charming story about the activities of his day with a parallel look at similar behavior by his human companion, Sis.

The dog and the preschool-aged girl are sleeping in bed together as the day dawns, with ribbons of ZZZZs entwined around them to emphasize their somnolent state. Bold, stylized illustrations in neon-bright colors use simple shapes, varied type treatments, and creative labeling to show the differences and similarities in the actions of canine and child. Some spreads illustrate the dog and girl meeting needs in similar but slightly different ways (breakfast or bathtime). In others, both enjoy the same feeling or experience in the same way (such as getting soaked in a fountain or chasing a squirrel). The placement of the girl on left-hand pages and the dog on the right works effectively with the spare, structured text, allowing young preschoolers to see clearly what is alike and what is different with this devoted pair of pals. There’s a surprising amount of drama and humor packed in just a few pages, including a potty break for Sis with her mom and a gently funny stop at a handy tree for the dog. Sis and her parents are white, but there are children of color playing in the park.


When the duo brush their teeth, the spread has just two words in gigantic type: “MINTY! / BEEFY!” That sums it up: a dog story with a fresh approach and something with solid flavor to chew on. (Picture book. 2-5)"

-Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)


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